Glow Soap Set- Face & Body Cleansers

Glow Soap Set- Face & Body Cleansers

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Saves you 15% while discovering your favorite soaps! Each bar of soap is unique with ingredients for every skin type.

This set contains 5 soaps and an organic luffa sponge:

1. Silk Rose Soap: An anti-aging soap. Brightens and clarifies your complexion, feels silky on your skin, lathers well and smells like a rose garden. 

2. Milk & Honey Soap: Made with fresh goat milk and organic wild crafted honey! It is makes your skin glow and is especially beneficial to dry skin and sensitive skin.

3. Detox Acne Soap: Made with activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil. Effective in stopping acne flare ups on the face and body without drying out the skin. 

4. Even Skin Polish African Black Soap with Turmeric & Honey: A gentle facial cleansing paste that exfoliates the skin, removes spots and blemishes. Gives a brightened, even skin tone. 

5. African Black Soap body Wash with Lemon & Papaya: It is moisturizing, exfoliating and brightening, with a sweet lemon scent! It brings out your skin glow. 

6. Organic Luffa Sponge: For better exfoliation and a better bath time experience

All our soaps are natural, hand crafted in small batches, organic, vegan and cruelty free!