African Black Soaps: How Safe Are They?

As a natural skincare brand with an African heritage, we take immense pride in our African Black Soaps. These products truly represent what we stand for; effective & safe plant-based skincare products for all.

The African black soap remains one of the most successful cultural exports from Africa to the world. A unique and authentically African invention.

Have you ever wondered about its safety? What is it made up of? Or how effective it truly is? If you have ever pondered on this, then read on. This blog post is for you.

The whole thing started when Yoruba women traders from Nigeria, who dealt mainly in tomatoes and pepper, also began selling their native black soap to Ghanaians. Therefore, black soap is called Alata Samina in Ghana. Translated loosely, it means ‘the pepper traders’ soap’. Thus, black soap was first exported from Nigeria to Ghana and then to Benin Republic. Over time it has gained popularity all over the world, becoming a delight to many skincare lovers.

But why is the African Black soap so successful and in high demand globally?

  1. It’s a truly 100% natural & organic:

 Original African black soap is made of completely natural and organic ingredients; this is a necessity in a world where we all want to reduce the amount of toxins we put on our skin.

At Ebony & Ivory Organics, our black soap is made the traditional way by generational black soap makers in Southwestern Nigeria, the home of the African Black Soap.

 We use the original formulation, comprising simply of water, Cocoa pod ash and palm kernel oil.

 We then enrich it with turmeric, organic shea butter, cold-pressed coconut oil and organic honey. These additives increase its anti-bacterial properties and makes it more nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

  1. It exfoliates, fades skin discoloration & Improves skin tone:

 The Vitamin A found in cocoa pod ash aids in skin turnover and exfoliation. Continuous use of Black soap will help to reveal fresh skin which evens out the skin tone gradually.

 Therefore, we made our first body wash product the African Black Soap Even Skin Body Wash with Lemon & Papaya.

It brightens and exfoliates your skin, giving significant improvement to body hyperpigmentation.

  1. It is suitable for most skin types:

 Black soap can be used by all skin types but people with sensitive or dry skin types may find it irritating or overly drying.

 However, it is a gentle soap which is why it is traditionally used on babies from birth. It is loaded with antioxidants, plant oils and skin loving butters to increase its moisturizing properties.

 Even if you’ve got sensitive skin, it might be worth a try because it does not contain those harmful dyes, fragrances or perfumes found in modern soaps. It is a pure and organic alternative.

  1. It helps with pimples (acne), rosacea & skin problems:

 African Black Soap is packed with bacteria-fighting oils and phytochemicals found in plants, giving it deeply cleansing and nourishing properties.

 The combination of Vitamin A found in black soap and physical exfoliation may reduce body acne, Keratosis Pilaris, calm skin inflammations and rashes.

 Try our complete body care kits which come with our African Black Soap Even Skin Body Wash, for a life changing skincare experience.     

  1. It is a dynamic product:

 The African Black Soap is any skincare formulators dream canvas to create amazing and effective skin, body, and hair care products.

 With black soap you can make bar soaps, cleansing pastes, masks, shower gels, body wash and even hair shampoos, because it relieves itchy scalps and strengthens the hair.

 Men can also use black soap for shaving because the shea butter content protects the skin when shaving, it exfoliates the shaved area, reduces razor bumps and soothing post shaving irritations.

The Africa black soap has proven to be not only the safest soap but most effective in the lineup of soaps for consideration by skincare lovers.

 Our organic range of black soaps are organic, safe, and effective to use. To shop now for  our range of organic skincare products, please click here.